Is using cage traps to take care of rodents a good idea?

If youve got a rodent problem and have been asking around for ways to deal with it, youve probably heard about cage traps more than once. Youd been expecting people to favor the use of poison the most to take care of this issue, but the more you asked around, the more you learned that using cage traps is usually the preferred way to get rid of rodents. But is it as effective a method as people say it is?

The cage trap strategy in a nutshell

Before I break down the pros and cons of using a cage trap, its better to first understand how these traps work, or rather how theyre used as part of a bigger strategy to deal with your rodent problem. The cage trap strategy works in three steps. Step 1, set the cage trap with bait in a place you know the animal is bound to pass by, and wait till it gets captured. Step 2, seal up all entries that the rodent could use to get back into your house if it wanted to. Step 3, relocate the animal a good distance (at least 5 km) away from your house. Sounds simple, right?

Effectiveness and drawbacks

Using cage traps is by far the cleanest way to get the job done. No messy, smelly carcasses to clean up, no poisonous substances to deal with. Just one cage youd need to lightly clean for the next use, thats all. Since it also skips the cleanup part, this method is also the fastest way of fixing the problem and the safest since it doesnt expose you to poisonous substances and diseases carried by carcasses. 

Its also the only way the rodent gets out alive from this scenario. The downside is that while the relocated rodent does have a shot at life, its chances are pretty slim. Not to mention, transporting the cage can be a bothersome task, and even a dangerous task if proper care is not applied.

Your alternatives

In these instances, its always best to judge your alternatives. You could use a lethal snap trap to get the job done, or just shoot the animal (though your aim need s to be pretty decent), both of which can humanely end the animals life in an instant. Using poison, however, would not be recommended. 

As with shooting and lethal trapping not only would you have to clean up a disease-ridden carcass, theres also a possibility of you not finding the carcass till a few weeks after when the smell becomes unbearable, and you have to rip your house apart in search of it. This happens because poison doesnt instantly kill its victims who could choose to die in some hard-to-reach corner of your house, and theres nothing you can do to stop them. Not to mention, poisoned animals die a very slow and excruciatingly painful death.

To conclude

While using cage traps isnt a sure-fire way to ensure the rodent survives, it is still your best chance to save its life while keeping the animal out your house (your priority). Its also the cleanest, fastest and safest method of taking care of rodents, which makes a strong argument for it being the best way to deal with your rodent problems.

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