How to get mice out of the garage

You may have spotted a mouse the other day as you were reversing your car into your garage. While youre not exactly ecstatic about this development, youre really not all that bothered. So what if mice have infested my garage? Its not like theyve moved inside my house. Well, newsflash but its really only a matter of time before the mice decide to expand their horizons. Dont feel so secure now do you? Well, how do you get mice out of your garage? 

Some natural solutions

Before you go investing heavily into traps and poisons, you should at least give these tips a look. Another way to get rid of these rodents in the garage is to set a cat loose on them. While popular cartoons would have you believe otherwise, when it comes to Cats vs Mice, cats almost always come out on top. You dont have to keep one as a pet forever, just borrow one from your friend or local pound and return it once the job is done. Still if getting a cat is out of the question, you can try some natural repellents like peppermint oil.

Using Traps

If you aren't able to solve your problem using natural methods, then it may be time to look into some traps. While opting for non-lethal traps with the intention of trapping and relocating the mice is noble, it is understandable (and sometimes more favourable) to opt for the lethal spring trap kinds, since mice are after all vermin that are better killed than set free (not that relocated mice have much chance of surviving in a new environment). Whatever type you choose, the procedure for using them is almost the same: Place bait on the trigger of the trapper set it and place it somewhere mice are sure to find it. Its as simple as ABC.

About the use of poisons.

Frankly speaking, poisons arent the best solution to this problem, since they dont kill mice instantly. The poisoned mice usually choose to curl up and die in hard to reach places, making cleaning up a nightmare. A better option would be that you should invest in chemical mouse repellents and deterrents. 

Still, whatever type of chemical you choose to use, you have to follow a few safety precautions. Let everyone in your household know of the presence of the chemical, especially if it's poisonous, and keep children away at all times. Poison would be best administered with the use of bait, while repellents should be sprayed in corners and in places you know mice frequent.

Keeping your garage mouse-free

Now that youve gotten the mice out of your garage, its time to make sure they stay out. First thing you need to do is to make sure there arent any openings or holes in the walls of your garage which the mice can use to sneak back in. If you find any, promptly close them up. Also, secure or remove any food source that may have attracted the mice to your garage in the first place.

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